The Origins of The Elements Collection

The Simplicity of the Elements

Jennifer Waterman, Founder of Red Water Designs and Elements JewelryYou could say that jewelry is “in my blood.” Having grown up in Rhode Island, the once jewelry capital of the world, I was exposed, from an early age, to this ever-changing industry. My introduction to the jewelry business came at an early age, because my father made his living in costume jewelry. My sisters and I spent our summers helping out in the factories, our free time shopping for inspirational ideas, and the busy season serving his customers treats at jewelry shows. I couldn’t wait to break away and go to college – unsure but excited about what the future would bring.

Little did I know that after working in various business fields, I’d end up back where I started- the jewelry industry. Having the background I do, in both fashion jewelry and business, it only made sense that I’d begin my next venture here. But, I wanted to carve my own way; I wanted to create pieces that reflect my life, my likes and my values. I had no idea this inspiration would come from my surroundings. It’s in those moments when we pause, when we exhale, that we see more clearly. 

Many go to the woods, to the ocean, to the mountains to reconnect with the basic “elements” that shape us. Luckily for me, living in Rhode Island, I am able to retreat to all of these locations without having to travel far. That’s what I did, and that’s when it hit me. SIMPLICITY. In our hectic lives, the natural beauty of what’s around and its simplicity is what grounds us, gives us clarity, and helps create peace of mind.

Once I realized that I wanted to simplify and draw from what is naturally surrounding me, I began looking at what creates this natural beauty. Air, Fire, Earth, Water – the four elements that define, that bind, that create us. But how? How could I best exemplify these basic elements? In drawing from our surroundings, I was introduced to the world of gemstones.

It’s with these gemstones that I am able to recreate what is intuitive to all of us. It’s with these gemstones that people from all over draw strength. It’s with these gemstones that I have designed what best exhibits the simplicity we seek in our fast-paced lives.  The basic elements of our world capture the essence of  simplicity.

Peace, Jennifer


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